Molino Maioli, an old story

In 1600, in the fertile Emilia’s plain between Reggio Emilia and Parma, in the middle of a (at the time) small country village named S. Ilario , laid on the banks of the St Eulalia canal there was already a mill that since then, has nonstop transformed a great wealth of our land, the wheat, into that product so useful for the life of persons and in so many times and circumstances for their survival: the flour.

In 1926 Ottavio Maioli moved his large family of nine children from Correggio to S.Ilario to take up the activity of miller. The tight union of the whole family helped to withstand the painful tests and the difficult years of the war.

With passion and seriousness the activity grew up so that the old mill became insufficient for the grown demand: in 1965, on the ground near to the old mill, Marino, the youngest son of Ottavio, built the current production plant, which, while having extended over the years, remained at the heart and in the spirit in a “by-hand” dimension.

Time and generations change, but for us the enthusiasm remains unchanged so that what we produce could make the “daily bread” not only a “basic food”, but also a strong bound with our deepest roots.